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Code of Conduct

The Professional Code of Conduct (from here on simply the Code) was designed with the purpose of outlining in a single document the basic principles and rules governing the management's commitment to the staff, suppliers, and clients of PressiousArvanitidis (henceforth the Company), the community, and the environment as well as the legal and moral obligations that should govern the professional conduct of the company's employees.

We thus create a springboard for improving work conditions, advancing the company and its employees, and setting an example for positive change for other businesses in our sector.


The guidelines for creating this Code was the current law governing the company's business activities, social sensitivities and trends, successful business models applied internationally by leading enterprises, and harmonizing all this with the high-quality products and high level of service offered by the company within the framework of its corporate operations, the behavioral models adopted to facilitate this activity, as well as the practices and processes that must be followed in meeting these obligations.


The Code is aimed at, concerns, and binds both current staff and new hires who all recognize and accept the Code. It also sets the framework for the company's collaboration with current and future employees, suppliers, and associates.

While on one hand the Code sets the framework for the day to day operations and conduct of employees, on the other hand it is a manual of rules of acceptable conduct among staff as well as between staff and third parties, legal or natural, private or public, domestic or foreign, and applies to all employees regardless of rank.


This manual offers useful general information about the company's labor relations policy, work conditions, benefits, and other information regarding company procedures and operating rules.


We hasten to clarify that this manual is simply a means for conveying information between the company and its staff and is in no way legally binding or can in no way be considered a work contract.

It's further clarified that there will be occasional amendments to the parameters of this manual. As such, the Company reserves the right to amend, add, or delete, whichever sections it believes must be rephrased.