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Your valuable partner in printing

PressiousArvanitidis, with nearly four decades of experience in printing, aims at offering comprehensive solutions and best value for money to clients' print communication needs.

PressiousArvanitidis achieves its high quality
standards and service through a combination of
experienced staff and self-sufficiency that is
enhanced by its ever-expanding network of
colleagues and collaborating businesses. Today the
company's corporate philosophy is being furthered by a second generation of owners, the high quality of PressiousArvanitidis personnel, and continuous growth achieved by reinvesting profits in the company's development.





Keys to our success-What sets us apart



PressiousArvanitidis's biggest asset is its human resources-trained and experienced staff dedicated to their jobs and to achieving results for their



PressiousArvanitidis's facilities meet international standards and comply fully with existing
environmental regulations. Our printing plant occupies an area of 12 stremmas (3 acres) and includes a 5,500-sqm complex of offices, production area, and warehouse.


Equipment & know-how

Continuous staff training, fully-equipped prepress services, and state-of-the-art offset presses (SM 102-8, CD 102-5, LX, CD 102-5), specialized binding unit, distribution/delivery network, and international certification are tangible indicators PressiousArvanitidis's merging of technical expertise with equipment. Vertically-integrated production further ensures self-sufficiency and security.


Healthy growth

PressiousArvanitidis has the capability of producing 6 million A4 pages per day and is one of the largest companies in the sector (offset printing). Its flexibility and the high quality of its products are the combined result of production capacity and vertical integration.


Speed & Flexibility

PressiousArvanitidis's production capacity, proper organization, and seamless communication between its departments, combined with the company's long experience in printing, guarantee that customers needs are satisfied with flexibility and in the shortest possible period of time.


While fully utilizing current technical and other capabilities, PressiousArvanitidis is open to innovation, with an eye to future prospects and meeting new challenges.