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Declaration of personal data protection

PressiousArvanitidis appreciates your visit to our webpage and your interest in our products. At PressiousArvanitidis, your right to your privacy as well as the protection of your personal data consist our primary concern. We want you to feel at ease while visiting our website. Accessing to or using the webpage of PressiousArvanitidis, you consent to our Legal Terms, stated hereunder.

Please, note that the declaration of personal data protection, at hand, is applicable only in regard to our webpages. It is no longer applicable when you follow links in webpages and websites of third parties.


This webpage herein may use cookies which facilitate the collection of data, pertinent to your visit and to your preferences and which data strictly relates to your visit to our webpage, and is not transferred to other websites, where you may browse. A cookie is a small part of the text, dispatched to your browser from a website you have been visiting and which helps the webpage retain pieces of information so as to make not only your next visit smoother but also the site more useful to you.

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Protocole of the data base and storing of adresses IP
The use of our webpage leads to the automatic registration of technical data so as to ensure the functional trustworthiness of this page. This data cannot lead to specific individuals. It includes, for instance, IP addresses of the computer in use, the date and the time, the asked for pages and files, the type and edition of the browsing program as well as the operational modus. This data does not bear any kind of reference to individual identity and is analyzed for statistical purposes, exclusively.



If you have explicitly consented to it, we will be using your e-mail and your personal data to send you newsletters, in fixed time periods. To receive our newsletter, the submission of an e-mail suffices. Any additional, voluntarily disclosed personal information, is used only for the customisation of your newsletter.

At the bottom of each newsletter, you will find a link through which you may unsubscribe. You may revoke your consent any time you want, clicking on the link, at the bottom of each newsletter, or sending an e-mail headed "unsubscribe", at  Consequently, no further expenses will ensue beyond the mail or transportation ones, according to the basic coefficients


Personal data
Occasionally, for instance, when you order products of printed communication, PressiousArvanitidis may provide you with a form asking you to fill in personal data. Your participation is purely optional. PressiousArvanitidis stores personal data for company use, exclusively, and does not transfer or sell it to third parties. Personal data will be transferred to third parties only after your explicit consent or when it is indispensable for contract enforcement ( for example, when a provider needs your address to deliver goods ).The legislation in effect covering the protection of personal data regarding technical and administrative issues will be observed. If you have given your consent for the transmission of your data to third parties, you may revoke it, at any time, with future effect.

Your personal data will be used for marketing purposes, if you have consented to it in advance, if this complies with the legislative requirements and if you have not revoked your consent.


PressiousArvanitidis acknowledges that your personal data and your security are of the utmost importance, we have gone at great lengths to ensure that the protection of your personal data is tightproof. In order to insure high standards of security, we use technological and organizational security measures. Our security measures are constantly updated reflecting the evolution of technology.



Confidentiality policy regarding our workforce
PressiousArvanitidis according to the General Directive of Data Protection (GDPR) is the "processing manager".

PressiousArvanitidis is committed to sustaining the confidentiality protection of the personal data they collect regarding their prospective, current and former workforce members ("you" or "workforce members") for administrative, HR and payroll purposes. As a member of the PressiousArvanitidis workforce (or prospective member) you understand and acknowledge that we collect, use and reveal your personal data before, during and after your employment relationship with us, according to the GDPR and this " Policy" herein. This "Policy" herein may be updated at any time. It is important you study this Policy along with others we may provide on specific occasions collecting or processing your personal data so that you are aware of how and why you use it.



1. Implementation of this Policy herein
This present Policy is applicable to the personal data of the members of our workforce and to the handling of the workforce's personal data in any form - orally, electronically or in writing. This Policy herein substantiates the commitment of PressiousArvanitidis to the protection of your personal data, which will be processed by PressiousArvanitidis, with whom you have had or, probably, will acquire employment relationship aiming at purposes specified in Unit 3 hereunder.

This Policy herein aims at describing the personal data processing activities to the fullest extent, always in accordance with the requirements of local legislation in effect. If you accept this Policy, you give - to the degree the local legislation requires it - your explicit and written consent to the processing of personal data you provide to PressiousArvanitidis.



Principles of Data Protection

We will comply to the GDPR. This directive states that the personal data we have about you should be:

1.   Used fairly, lawfully and with transparency
2.   Collected for valid purposes exclusively, which have been outlined to you, and it is not used in any way incompatible to these purposes.
3.   It is used for the purposes we have already referred to and its use is restricted only to these purposes.
4.   It is accurate and updated.
5.   It is stored only for as long as it serves the aforementioned purposes.
It is securely stored.


 2. Range of Personal Data we Process
The term "personal data" used in this Policy, refers to information which defines you or could define you as an individual. The following is included in the range of personal data we process:

 - name, gender, home address and phone number, date of birth, picture, biometric

    information, family status, emergency phone numbers

- residence and work permit details, army service details, nationality and passport


- social insurance code number or other tax payer's code number, bank account  


- information about sickness allowances, pension, insurance and other possible 

  subsidies ( the gender, age, nationality and passport details of spouses, minors or

  other dependent members and beneficiaries are included )

- hiring date, promotion date/dates, employment record, technical dexterity, educational

  level, professional accreditations and registrars, linguistic prowess, attendance at

  educational programs

- height, weight, clothes' size, photograph, physical impairments and special needs

- record of absences from work, record of rights and leave permits, of payroll, of 

  assessment, of recommendation letters, disciplinary procedures and complaints

(The compliance with and the enforcement of the PressiousArvanitidis policies is    


-  whenever it is permitted by law and in relevance with the tasks performed by the member of our workforce or those which will be performed by a prospective member of our workforce, the results of credibility and poenal record controls,of drug and alcohol abuse controls, of the initial prehiring health test of the member of our workforce, health certificates, driving license number, car plate number

-  information required by law as well as requests and orders issued by courts or other law enforcement institutions ( for example, information about child alimony or payments of debts )

- conclusions relating to the PressiousArvanitidis policies, inclusive of points referring to deontology or/and clash of interests policies and policies referring to computer use and the use of other company resources.

- Information which is retrieved from security systems, inclusive of closed circuit TV cameras ( CCTV ), hour gauging systems as well as from other security and technology sources/ systems as far as it is permitted by the legislation in effect.

-        Phonetic messages, e-mails and other fruit of work and messages created and/or transmitted by a member of the workforce through the use of computers or communications equipment of PressiousArnanitidis ( albeit messages exchanged using the PressiousArvanitidis equipment but coming from and addressed to private addresses are processed to the extent permitted by legislation in effect )

- date of resignation or dismissal, the reason of resignation or dismissal, information referring to the termination of the employment relationship ( i.e. reprimands )    and

 - any other possible pieces of information indispensable to conform to the PressiousArvanitidis goals.

You, yourselves, have provided us, knowingly, with most of the personal data we process. However, on other occasions, we process personal data either deduced from other pieces of information you have provided us with or obtained during our daily exchange with you or obtained from third parties through a procedure you have been informed about. On certain occasions, the personal data you either provide us with or collected by us consists Sensitive Personal Data and is protected with the privacy protection legislation. The aforementioned legislation defines as " Sensitive Personal Data" personal data from which we can track or deduce information such as the racial or national descent of an individual, political affiliations, religious or other suchlike beliefs, the status of union member or professional association member, the physiological or mental health condition, gender related information, sexual life or pieces of information of judicial nature (inclusive of information referring to the perpetration or alleged perpetration of a poenal offence). We process Sensitive Personal Data, within your jurisdiction - only if and to the extent this is permitted by the legislation in effect.


3. Use of personal data
According to the legislation in effect, we may have to collect, use and disclose personal data of the members of our workforce for the following reasons:

- assessment of hiring applications and decision on hiring or posting you in the company

- assuring your capability for work and checking your work permit status in Greece

- handling all issues related to the employment relationship with a member of our workforce, among which issues the following are subsumed, inclusive but not limited to: payroll, benefits, cost of business trips and all refundable costs, personal development and training, rate of attendance, performance assessment, disciplinary procedures and complaints as well as all other procedures related to overall administration and human resources

- development of personnel and succession plans

- keeping sickness records

- collection of proof referring to possible protests or disciplinary hearings

- assuring the security of clients, personnel and property of PressiousArvanitidis ( the control of, ease of access and surveillance of activities within secure premises and the control of activities through the use of computers, communication means and of all resources of PressiousArvanitidis is comprised )

- investigating and handling all claims against PressiousArvanitidis, their personnel and their customers

- surveys about the views embraced by the personnel and handling of personnel identification control programs

- dismissals and provision and keeping of references

- keeping of records of contacts and beneficiaries in case of emergency ( information about the individuals you have denominated is subsumed in the PressiousArvanitidis records ) and

- compliance with the legislation in effect ( I.e. re: health and security ) inclusive of court or administrative verdicts regarding individual members of the workforce ( I.e.  foreclosures or alimony )

There are CCTV cameras in operation within and around the installations and premises which may be used for the following purposes:

- prevention and solving of crime

- health protection and security of the clients and the personnel of PressiousArvanitidis

- handling and protection of the property of PressiousArvanitidis and that of the personnel, customers and visitors of PressiousArvanitidis

- for quality insuring purposes as far as this is permitted by the legislation in effect.

We may survey the use of the Internet and communications according to the legislation in effect. We may keep specific personal data regarding members of our workforce after the termination of their employment relationship with us due to any of the aforementioned reasons. We will keep the aforementioned data for as long as this is required and, in any way, for the maximum time span permitted by the legislation in effect.

Unless otherwise specified, all personal data we require from you, is mandatory. If you do not grant us your consent and/or you do not allow us to process all your required personal data, it will not be possible to keep full record about you and, thus, our ability to reach the aforementioned goals, will be impaired.



4. Principles of Data Protection
According to the General Directive of Personal Data Protection (GDPR), all personal data we keep, should be:

  1. used fairly, lawfully and with transparency
  2. collected exclusively for the previously explained valid reasons and should not be used in any way incompatible to these goals
  3. relevant to the aforementioned goals and restricted only to these goals
  4. accurate and updated. It is important that our personal data we keep, should be accurate and current. Please, let us know if any of your personal information be changed during your employment relationship with us
  5. kept only for as long as it is needed to achieve the aforementioned purposes
  6. kept safely.



5. Disclosure of your Personal Data
General information
To achieve the aforementioned goals, your personal data will be disclosed- for the aforementioned purposes - to the personnel, the superintendants, the consultants and to other pertinent individuals in our offices.


Agents, Service Providers and our suppliers
Like most companies, occasionally, we outsource certain services or/and the processing of certain information to third parties. Please, note, that when you submit an application for a work position, electronically, you may be diverted to the website of a third party, whom PressiousArvanitidis has a contract with, covering the processing of your personal data on our behalf. When we commission a third party to process your personal data or when we provide third party service providers with your personal data, we compel the aforementioned third parties to protect your personal data according to the terms and provisions of this Policy herein, through the use of suitable security measures.


Legal Requirements
We maintain the right of disclosure of any of your personal data in our perusal, in case this is demanded of us by court or by any state authority or in case we judge that this is necessary or desired in order for us to comply with the law or protect or defend our rights or property according to the legislation in effect. Moreover, we are entitled to keeping your personal data we collect, and process it in order to comply with the accountancy and fiscal rules and regulations as well as with the special laws referring to the keeping of records.


6. Briefing about or Accessing your Personal Data

To the exclusion of some limited exceptions, you have the possibility of inquiring about the personal data we keep about you, sending us a request in writing, by mail or by e-mail, to the address specified below, in Unit 9.

Please, make sure that the following are subsumed: your name and surname, title of your current or last job position and the address of your work premises at PressiousArvanitidis as well as a copy of a document as proof of your identity (i.e. identity card or passport) in order for us to be assured of your identity and of the veracity of your personal data in our keep. We are not permitted to disclose data out of your reach, according to the legislation in effect. (i.e. data which discloses information about another individual ).

You will not have to pay a fee in order to access your personal data (or exert any of your other rights). However, you may be charged with a reasonable fee if your access petition is clearly groundless or excessive. Alternatively, we may decline to comply with your petition under such circumstances.

If you submit more than one successive petitions within a short time span, we may answer to your latest petition referring you to our latest answer and specifying only the pieces of information which have changed in a substantial way.

You are entitled to ask for the correction, the crossing out or the interruption of the processing of your personal data, kept by us for lawful purposes, by sending us your petition in writing, by mail or e-mail, to the address specified hereunder, in Unit 9. If we consent to the fact that your personal data in question is flawed or that the processing should be discontinued, we will delete or correct it. If we do not accept that the data is flawed, we will brief you of our dissension and, the fact that you consider this data to be flawed will be registered in the pertinent file or files.


7. Protection of your Personal Data
The personal data, we collect through you, is stored by us and/or by our service providers, in data bases protected with a combination of non-electronic and electronic access control means, firewall technology and other pertinent security measures. However, such security measures are not able to prevent all cases of loss, misuse or alteration of personal data and we are not to be held accountable for whatever damages or have liability ensuing from any kind of such occurrences, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law. Wherever required by legislation, you will be briefed about any kind of such loss, misuse or alteration so that you may proceed to the initiation of pertinent actions aiming at the lawful defense of your rights.


8. Changes in this present Policy
 This present Policy will be in effect as of the date listed at the bottom of this document herein. We reserve the right to update this Policy at any time and we will keep you posted when we proceed to making substantial modifications. We can, also, notify you, in other ways, from time to time, regarding the processing of your personal data.


9. Petition to Access Personal Data, Questions or Complaints
If you have questions in regard to this present Policy, referring to the mentioned processing of your personal data or queries or complaints regarding the handling of the Policy or if you want to submit a petition ( in the aforementioned way described in Unit 6 ) to access your personal data we keep, please, contact us, as follows:

current members of our workforce, former members and prospective ones, contact the pertinent Head of Human Resources of PressiousArvanitidis at

All the personal data access requests should be submitted in writing, by mail or e-mail. We will respond to your query by mail, e-mail or other pertinent way.



Use of GoogleAnalytics
This webpage herein uses GoogleAnalytics for online advertising purposes. Third party providers, Google included, may project ads of our webpage on the Internet. Our webpage and third party providers, inclusive of Google, use original manufacturer cookie (like the cookie of GoogleAnalytics) and third party cookies (like the cookie DoubleClick) for briefing, upgrading and projecting ads, relevant to prior visits of the users of our webpage. Our webpage and third party providers, Google included, use the original manufacturer cookies (like the cookies of GoogleAnalytics) and the third party cookies (like the cookie DoubleClick) to state the way in which the projection of our ads - and the interactions with the projection of these ads - relate to the visits of our webpage.

Google interest based data or data exchanged with third parties (such as age, gender and interests) is used in combination with GoogleAnalytics to project ads on chosen sites.

The terms of Service Provision and the Confidentiality Policy of GoogleAnalytics are found at



Briefing, crossing out, corrections and communication
At any time, you have the right to be briefed about your stored personal data and you have the right to have it corrected or crossed out. In case the data is stored because of legal enforcement, your data may not be crossed out. Please, contact the person in charge of Personal Data Protection, in case you have questions regarding the collection, processing and use of your personal data, if you need further information about the data or if your personal data needs to be crossed out or corrected.



Person in Charge of Personal Data Protection

If you have further questions about the security of your personal data, you may address yourself to the Person in charge of Personal Data Protection of PressiousArvanitidis:

216 100 5 251