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Company News

Acquisition of new production equipment

Earlier this year, PressiousArvanitidis completed an important investment in new production equipment with the installation of a new eight-color double-sided offset printing press.

This new press has a maximum capacity of 2,500,000 full-color double-sided A4 pages per day and has increased PressiousArvanitidis's productivity by 40 per cent. The new equipment enhances our capability to "Print Your Mind" by expanding the output of high-quality products.









Award for Sustainable Packaging

PressiousArvanitidis received the Bronze prize in the Sustainable  Packaging criteria of the 2015 Environmental Awards presented by Boussias Communications.

The award was presented to the company for its strategic choice to become the first Greek printing house to offer FSC-certified packaging options to its clients.











Papadopoulou Co. opts for FSC-certified materials for its CSR Report

The I. Papadopoulou Company reaffirmed its commitment to protecting the environment by opting for FSC-certification for its 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report.

The FSC-certified printing was carried out by PressiousArvanitidis, the first Greek printing company to obtain FSC certification.

FSC-certified print materials are marked by the Forest Stewardship Council label certifying compliance with the FSC chain of custody from forest to end-user of materials sourced from responsible forestry.


Papadopoulou CSR Report




A Greek first!

In cooperation with the Forest Stewardship Council International,

FSC-member PressiousArvanitidis hosted the first workshop in Greece on "The sustainable printing solution: in other words, FSC-certified material" in October as part of the 2014 Sustainability Forum organized by GlobalSustain for the third consecutive year.

The session was led by Felix Romero, regional director for Europe at FSC International.

Workshop participants learned how their companies can introduce and implement sustainability practices in their print communications as well as the benefits of selecting FSC-certified materials.





Packaging Conference 2014

PressiousArvanitidis participated in the Packaging Conference organized by Boussias Communications on September 16, 2014, to highlight trends in packaging and how these affect the field's growth.

In addition to a booth at the conference, PressiousArvanitidis also conducted a presentation where it showcased its production capabilities in packaging.











Summer operations

PressiousArvanitidis will continue to "Print your mind" through the summer again this year. The printing plant will work during August, so in order for us to meet your deadlines you need to communicate with us to schedule any work for this period. Please finalize arrangements by August 7, if possible, as we will not be open to accept digital files during the week of August 11-15.












Financial Statement at December 31, 2013

Attached is the financial statement for Arvanitidis Graphic Arts-Printing ABEE as of December 31, 2013, including balance sheet and auditor's statement.


Financial Statements 2013













Pressious Tips

PressiousArvanitidis communicates with members of Global Sustain on a monthly basis through its Pressious Tips column which touches on a range of issues in print communications of interest to companies dedicated to sustainability practices.














Pressious - Green Marketing Excellence Award


PressiousArvanitidis has the distinction of being the only fully Greek company of winning the prestigious Marketing Excellence Awards 2013 in six categories.

These include the Green Marketing Excellence Award for the company's marketing and production of FSC-certified publications. Print materials produced according to Forest Stewardship Council certification standards is an area in which PressiousArvanitidis has shown its active support of the principles of sustainable development.

The award was accepted on the company's behalf by Ananias Arvanitidis, Managing Director for Sales and Marketing.

Marketing Excellence Award


Marketing Week introduces 'PressiousTyping' column



Marketing Week, the highest-circulation advertising and marketing trade magazine is Greece, introduced a monthly column last July on print issues. The column, titled "PressiousTyping" is guest-written by PressiousArvanitidis staff who share their expertise in graphic arts and printing with the magazine's readers. You can see the latest column by following the link below:


PressiousTyping #1 / PressiousTyping #2
PressiousTyping #3 / PressiousTyping #4
PressiousTyping #5 / PressiousTyping #6





Financial Statement at December 31, 2012



Below are the financial statements for PressiousArvanitidis S.A., including the balance sheet at December 31, 2012, profit distribution table, and auditors' report.


Financial Statements 2012












Greece's first carbon-neutral printing equipment

The graphic design and printing company PressiousArvanitidis recently completed an important investment in its production equipment with the acquisition of the first carbon-neutral certified  four-color flat-sheet printing press in Greece. This certification verifies that production of this press did not burden the environment or the atmosphere as its manufacturer, Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG, planted a corresponding number of trees needed to offset the CO2 emissions during production in line with the Project Togo reforestation program. The company's green initiative and its decision to acquire equipment that doesn't burden the environment are tangible proof of PressiousArvanitidis's corporate philosophy of implementing eco-friendly practices throughout production, including its external collaborations, and its commitment to sustainable development.

Press here for our new equipment's carbon-neutral certificate.


















Environmental strategy earns distinctions, will benefit environment

PressiousArvanitidis was awarded first prize in the "Waste Management" category of the "Public Power Corporation 2013 Environmental Award"s organized by Boussias Communications, proving that the company's strategic decision to invest in environmental protection by adopting eco-friendly practices throughout its production process was a sound move. More than 100 companies representing the full spectrum of Greek business activity submitted applications to the competition. Further details about the awards are available online at






The Graphic Arts support the Arts

PressiousArvanitidis was the proud print sponsor of the exhibition "Ouranometria" by artist Dimitris Tragkas, on view at the POP UP 123 space in Athens from November 20 through December 11. The works was the first part of his trilogy "O Taksidiotis" (The Traveler), a visual journey of self-perception and the relationship between the artists and his environs. It is a unique visual approach where the painting substructure depicts the traces of a game that evolves in a real space.









Publishing Standard of Excellence

Our new corporate website won the Standard of Excellence Award in the Publishing category of the international WebAward 2012 competition. Organized by the Web Marketing Association, for the sixteenth consecutive year, the competition drew the participation of more than 2,000 companies in 42 countries, yet the jury singled out our corporate website based on a number of criteria. This distinction is not accidental as seamless interactive communication--online and off-line-- with its clients is fundamental to the corporate philosophy of PressiousArvanitidis. We welcome you to our virtual "headquarters" and are at your disposal to offer every assistance that allows you to "Print Your Mind".




Blood Drive Program

On June 28, PressiousArvanitidis organized a blood drive at its headquarters for staff as well as the employees of Novart and Vlahaki Eggs which are also located nearby. The blood drive was held in cooperation with the Halkida general hospital.














PressiousArvanitidis Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Tracking Study

PressiousArvanitidis, the graphics and printing company with the most dynamic growth in the sector in the last few years, has instituted an annual customer satisfaction survey.

This is the first time a customer satisfaction survey on print services is being conducted on such a large sample of collaborating companies in Greece.

To take part in the service click on this link:




Marketing Week, the highest-circulation advertising and marketing trade magazine is Greece, introduced a monthly column last July on print issues. The column, titled "PressiousTyping" is guest-written by PressiousArvanitidis staff who share their expertise in graphic arts and printing with the magazine's readers. You can see the latest column by following the link below: