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This website (henceforth "the website") is the intellectual property of the company Arvanitidis ABEE which is headquartered at the 78th kilometer of the Athens-Lamia National Highway (henceforth "the company"), under Law 2121/1993 "Regarding Intellectual Property Rights" as amended and applicable today.

The Company retains exclusive copyright to the design and content of this website with the exception of any content added by users (such as comment or opinions). Any violation of the Company's rights is subject to the penalties foreseen by law.

The Company offers its website services according to the following terms of use, which the user is called on to read carefully and proceed with using the services offered only if he or she agrees fully to these terms.



Visitors can use the website to obtain information about the company's products or services or both as well as to communicate with the company by filling out the appropriate request form.

The website records the content of messages submitted by visitors solely for the purpose of ensuring that none of the terms of use have been violated.

The website will not share the content of messages with third parties unless their author agrees or the law or competent authority so orders.



The website may include links to websites controlled by other parties.

In no instance is the website responsible for the content of external links and the privacy protection used by them or for any financial or other damage incurred by the user when visiting them.

The website is also not responsible for the correctness, accuracy, or quality of external links nor does it agree or accept any of their content.



Users agree that any comments or observations posted to the website are the exclusive responsible of the person posting.

Under no circumstances may the website be considered to accept or endorse in any manner the observations expressed by users on these pages. Users retain sole responsibility for their content of their posts as well as for any  copyright infringements arising from their comments or posts.

If the website manager becomes aware of or is formally notified of any damages or other negative impact on an individual or of any unfair usage of this website or the posting of any illegal content, it reserves the right to immediately remove the unfair or insulting content.

Indicatively, although not restricted to these uses, it is forbidden for users to use the services provided through this website to:

a) publish, send, transmit, or install illegal, damaging, pornographic, threatening, insulting, harmful, libelous, obscene, violent, racist, or other unacceptable content or content that violates the personality and privacy of others or which causes hatred or fear or which encourages or instigates the abuse of minors and animals or any other criminal act.

b) pretends to be another natural or legal entity or uses a false identity or makes misrepresents his or her relationship to any natural or legal entity.

c) falsifies or otherwise tampers with data from the website with the aim of misleading about the source of the content transferred via the website's services.

d) publish, send, transmit, or install any content by a person who is not the legal owner of this material under the law or confidentiality restrictions.

e) publish, send, transmit, or use any other method for installing software or content in any form (text, image, sound, video, animation) that violates the copyright of a third party.

f) publish, send, or transfer or use any other method for install a non-authorized advertisement or other product promotion, send unwanted and uninvited electronic messages or any other form of spam.

g) harass in any way the private life and social rights or other users.

Furthermore, website users

  • are not allowed from using any language other than Greek (or writing in Greeklish), English, French, or German in the respective English-, French-, and German-language versions of the website.
  • should refrain from writing in all capital letters.
  • are not allowed to complain after the termination of their service (VAN).
  • should refrain from repeating the same text.
  • should not harass or threaten.
  • are not allowed to post any propaganda, insult national symbols, or post content that offends national sentiments.
  • are not allowed to solicit sexual partners or make financial offers for any reason (prostitution etc.)
  • are not allowed to curse, insult, and generally offend other users.
  • are not allowed to advertise or defame (other websites, products, services, or companies).
  • are not allowed to invite users to other websites.


Copyright Policy

Website users are not allowed to submit, alter, distribute, or reproduce in any manner content that is protected by copyright, trademark, or patent belonging to third parties without their consent.

The website may not allow access to users who repeatedly violate this condition if warned by the copyright holder or his or her legal representative.

The above notwithstanding, if someone believes their work is being copied or submitted to the website in a manner that violates his or her intellectual property rights, he or she is kindly requested to submit written notification with the following:

i) electronic signature or written authorization of the copyright holder;

ii) short description of the work whose copyright has been infringed;

iii) the precise point on the website where the copyright violation occurs;

iv) contact information

v) written declaration of his good faith belief that the copyright has been infringed or violates the law;

vi) a notarized statement that the facts in this statement are correct and that he or she is the copyright holder or his or her legal representative.


User Content

The website bears no responsibility for the content posted or published or both by users. Users visit the website at their own responsibility.

If the website is notified that posted content offends third parties or violates their privacy or copyright, the website reserves the right to immediately delete such material or the user or both without warning.

This condition applies to any content posted or published by users anywhere on the website.

For the reasons cited above, the website further reserves the right to remove content and suspend users even without prior warning. The website may also prohibit access if these conditions are repeatedly violated.

Repeated violation of these conditions occur when a user has violated these terms more than twice or has had content removed for the above reasons more than twice.

The users acknowledges and accepts that the website may adopt new terms of use for its service or change the period of time for which messages or other content posted or published via its services is retained.

The website also reserves the right to change the allowed length of text and number of messages that a user may post or any other content that the user posts or publishes via the website's services.

The website reserves the right to change at any time and without warning the storage space it offers users through its services and temporarily or permanently suspend provision of such service.

In no instance is the website responsible for the loss or failure to save or destruction of content that is saved or transferred through the service.



The user is held to be responsible by the website and its colleagues for any damage or harm from the illegal or damaging use of the website as well as from unfair use or use that is not in accordance with these terms and conditions.



The website reserves the right to change or suspend or both temporarily or permanently some or all of its services with or without notifying users.



Given the nature and volume of data on the internet, the website shall not be held responsible under any circumstances, including negligence, for any form of damage incurred by the website user while using the services, which he or she uses at his or her initiative.

Specifically, the website will not be held responsible under any circumstances for damages, including for example direct or indirect, accidental or coincidental, positive or negative, expenses incurred from using its services or from an inability to do so by any person or as a result of the inability to execute, from error, omission, suspension, fault, delay or interruption of service or transmission, weakness, breakdown, or failure of the user's equipment or telecommunications networks even if the representatives of the service have been informed about the possibility of damage, loss, or expense.

The website collaborates with other websites (for example, a blog) to offer users specialized content which appears on various pages intact, exactly as received from its provider (collaborating website or company), without undergoing any verification or editing. Responsibility for the, precision, comprehensiveness, adequacy, legality, and appropriateness of this content, including advertising, in whichever form, belongs exclusively to the website or company providing this material.

The content and information contained in the website, including advertisements in any form, must not in any way be considered accurate information, advice, or instigation of any specific action

Furthermore, the user understands and agrees that by visiting the pages and using the services of the website, incurs the possibility of exposure to content that is inappropriate, offensive, immoral, obscene, misleading, illegal, and so on. In no way can this website be held responsible for any damages or injury to its users because of exposure to such content.

Users visit the pages and services of the website solely at their initiative and exclusive responsibility.



The website does not provide any guarantee that the pages, services, functions, options, and content will be provided without interruption or error or that errors will be corrected. Due to the technical factors outside the influence of the website, there may be interruptions, especially in the event of the temporary suspension of service. This includes during maintenance and updating. The user states that he or she agrees with such measures, which will be taken to the degree possibly outside the usual working hours and announced in timely fashion so as to minimize related negative effects. Such temporary suspension of service is not a flaw. The website is not responsible for any type of damage incurred by the user or for the unavailability of its services.

Additionally, the website does not guarantee that it or any cooperating website or the servers used to support its operations do not contain viruses or other detrimental bugs.



The above terms of use, as well as any changes, are covered by and complemented by Greek law, European Union legislation, and the relevant international conventions signed by Greece. Any provision of the above terms and conditions which is counter to the law does not apply and will be removed without this affecting the other terms of use.

This represents the agreement between the website and the user of its services and is binding to them alone.

No change to these terms shall be considered or become a part of this agreement unless stated in writing and included in said agreement.

In every instance, the website reserves the right to change these terms after informing users by posting the changes to these condition and the existing legal framework.

If a user does not agree with these Terms of Use, then he or she should not use the website's services.