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Are some dimensions more cost-effective choices for printing?

Yes; some dimensions are more cost-effective because of the size of the paper sheet which minimizes waste. For example, 21x29 is more economical than 21x29.7 cm.


What format should I save files in?
How do you prepare these?

We need closed PDF files in order to print.
Click on "Find" in the website navigation bar;
there, under "Support" you'll find detailed
instruction on how to save PDF files for most
computer publishing programs.


How can someone send you files for printing?

PressiousArvanitidis has a server where files can be uploaded.



What is a blueline or proof?

A blueline or proof is a sample document
printed on regular paper have the files have
been ripped by the Pre-Press Department.
The blueline allows both printer and client
check that all the elements in the files--fonts,
images, and so on--are printable. In books,
catalogs, and other publications with many
pages, it also allows us to check the collating
to make sure signatures are printed and
bound in the right numerical order.
The only thing you do not check with a
blueline is color, which is checked with color
proofs (see next question).
The client must sign off on the blueline, giving
permission to print. The production department,
in turn, uses the blueline as its guide to how the
printed document should look.
PressiousArvanitidis produces bluelines for all its
projects and offers clients the time to check proofs electronically too as a time-saving measure.

What is a digital color proof?
Why do you recommend it to clients?

Digital color proofs produced by PressiousArvanitidis offer a true color sample of the final printed document. The company recommends digital color proofs so that the client can see exactly what the colors will look like when printed. This is vital as colors look differently on computer screens and often vary considerably from the printed color.


How can someone calculate a document's spine?

The thickness of a magazine spine and the type of binding depend on the number of pages, quality, and the paper's weight and volume.



What is PressiousArvanitidis's daily production capacity?

PressiousArvanitidis can print 6.000.000 A4 color pages a day.


Is the print shop air conditioned?

The entire production plant is air conditioned as part of the company's quality controls. A stable temperature ensures that the paper retains its characteristics (for example, moisture levels) and contributes to the achieving the best possible print results.


What is water-based varnish?
What is its usefulness?

Water-based varnish is a finishing coat that is added online. Essentially, a light coat of matte or glossy finish is added over the surface. This helps the printed material dry faster, protects from fingerprints and smudges, and makes it more durable.

What is scoring and when is it needed?

Scoring is done after printing and on documents using paper that is at least 170 gr. Scoring creates an edge that acts as a guide for folding without tearing.

Scoring is absolutely necessary in documents printed on paper prone to tearing or fraying which is not just unattractive but which also decreases a document's durability.


Which type of binding is more economical--perfect binding or saddle stitch?

Binding is chosen according to two criteria: look and practicality.

Saddle stitch is used for documents with few pages while perfect binding is used for documents with many pages. The difference in cost is small (saddle stitch is less expensive).

Side-wire stitching, though more expensive and time-consuming, is necessary for documents with 100 or more pages.