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World Forest Day is celebrated on 21 March, by a decision taken by the United Nations General Assembly on 28 November 2012. PressiousArvanitidis, the first FSC certified printing company in Greece, once again shares with you the message of responsible forest management and celebrates World Day of Forests. Find out about the FSC and its initiatives and act responsibly on forests and the environment!
In 2017 PressiousArvanitidis was licensed to produce Walt Disney Greece branded printed matter. PressiousArvanitidis' certification is valid for the next three years and is a continuation of the first certification that was received in 2012 by SEDEX, on behalf of a large multinational company.
PressiousArvanitidis’s annual diary, by k2 Design, received an honourable mention in the ‘Self Promotion’ category at the 2017 EBGE awards, Greece’s most prestigious forum for recognising achievement in graphic design. ‘Crooked’ lines that diverge from a diary’s regular lines and bold colours were the main elements of the diary’s design, which included original illustrations of monthly themes, such as Pinocchio in April and mackerel in August—references, respectively, to April Fool’s Day and a Greek colloquialism. The diary also featured the Flexbook binding, a patented technology created in Greece that allows pages to open and stay flat.
PressiousArvanitidis selects and awards the "Project of the Month", that is, a print job that stands out among the other projects completed by the company that month. Quality of the finished product weighs heavily in the criteria for selecting the "Project of the Month", alongside other criteria like attractiveness and originality of the printing process.
Wishes for a 2017 full of health, personal and professional advancement!
FSC Friday The last Friday of September is FSC Friday. It is the day when all FSC members worldwide celebrate the responsible management of the planet’s forests while they also aim at boosting FSC’s reputation and activity. PressiousArvanitidis, the first FSC-certified printing company in Greece, 6 years after its FSC-certification, continues supporting the responsible management of the planet’s forests and celebrates FSC Friday!
The people of PressiousArvanitidis wish you that 2016 has the colour you like and lots of sweet moments!
On November 18 we are going to face daily routine in a different way! For only one day the people of Pressious will be at the company, though in different roles. For only one day a voice you have never heard before will answer the calls. For only one day the people of the Delivery Department, after contacting you, will arrange that all deliveries scheduled for Wednesday, November 18, will be made on the previous day. For only one day the people of PressiousArvanitidis will be at the company, though in different roles, and this will happen after they have made any arrangements beforehand.
This summer you have the chance to enjoy non-stop holidays thanks to the Print your mind support services of PressiousArvanitidis, which are at your disposal throughout the year and are particularly useful in the summer! PressiousArvanitidis operates regularly in August and, in order to provide you with better services, we would like to be informed early on about your future printing needs. Enjoy non-stop holidays this summer because Pressious is: • available to manage files intended for approval throughout the summer, regardless of outside temperatures… • vertically integrated so that we can provide solutions, thus remaining independent from external collaborators, who are “taking a rest”… • able to productively respond to your needs throughout your holidays... • connected to your mobile phone so that you can monitor the progress in your printing projects at any moment… You can all now have a nice non-stop holiday!
Consistent to its commitments for yet another year, PressiousArvanitidis awarded the prize for the “Project of the Year.” Τhe 2014 prize was given to the company “L.G. Electronics Hellas S.A.” The “LG 2015 Calendar’ was the printing project that was originally voted as the “Project of the Month” in December 2014. Then, since it had got the highest mark, it was declared the “Project of the Year.”
Earlier this year, PressiousArvanitidis completed an important investment in new production equipment with the installation of a new eight-color double-sided offset printing press. This new press has a maximum capacity of 2,500,000 full-color double-sided A4 pages per day and has increased PressiousArvanitidis’s productivity by 40 per cent. The new equipment enhances our capability to “Print Your Mind” by expanding the output of high-quality products.
PressiousArvanitidis received the Bronze prize in the Sustainable Packaging criteria of the 2015 Environmental Awards presented by Boussias Communications. The award was presented to the company for its strategic choice to become the first Greek printing house to offer FSC-certified packaging options to its clients.
The I. Papadopoulou Company reaffirmed its commitment to protecting the environment by opting for FSC-certification for its 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report. The FSC-certified printing was carried out by PressiousArvanitidis, the first Greek printing company to obtain FSC certification. FSC-certified print materials are marked by the Forest Stewardship Council label certifying compliance with the FSC chain of custody from forest to end-user of materials sourced from responsible forestry.
In cooperation with the Forest Stewardship Council International, FSC-member PressiousArvanitidis hosted the first workshop in Greece on “The sustainable printing solution: in other words, FSC-certified material” in October as part of the 2014 Sustainability Forum organized by GlobalSustain for the third consecutive year. The session was led by Felix Romero, regional director for Europe at FSC International. Workshop participants learned how their companies can introduce and implement sustainability practices in their print communications as well as the benefits of selecting FSC-certified materials.
PressiousArvanitidis participated in the Packaging Conference organized by Boussias Communications on September 16, 2014, to highlight trends in packaging and how these affect the field’s growth. In addition to a booth at the conference, PressiousArvanitidis also conducted a presentation where it showcased its production capabilities in packaging.
PressiousArvanitidis will continue to “Print your mind” through the summer again this year. The printing plant will work during August, so in order for us to meet your deadlines you need to communicate with us to schedule any work for this period. Please finalize arrangements by August 7, if possible, as we will not be open to accept digital files during the week of August 11-15.
PressiousArvanitidis communicates with members of Global Sustain on a monthly basis through its Pressious Tips column which touches on a range of issues in print communications of interest to companies dedicated to sustainability practices.
E. I. Papadopoulos S.A.’s “Exports Folder”, the project-of-the-month for June 2013, garnered the most points of all such projects, thus winning top place as our project of the year.
On March 7, PressiousArvanitidis participated in the Publishing Conference 2014 organized by Boussias Communications. The conference attracts top executives from publishing groups, advertisers, and advertising and media agencies. This year’s conference focused on the new trends and prospects for the publishing industry. PressiousArvanitidis was invited to make a presentation on “Print publications and sustainability” and also maintained a booth in the conference hall.
On February 25, PressiousArvanitidis took part in the conference on “Corporate Responsibility in Practice” organized by Boussias Communications. The meeting attracted over forty companies in a broad range of fields who presented their activities in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. PressiousArvanitidis participated with a presentation entitled “Corporate Social Responsibility on Paper” as well as a booth in the conference hall. The company’s presence at this event allowed it to introduce into the discussion the use of FSC-certified publications and packaging which are the only print materials that tangibly support sustainable development and are a basic practice and choice of many companies operating globally.
PressiousArvanitidis presented a talk on the use of FSC certification in printing at "Made in Greece", a three-day conference and trade show of export goods and services held November 29-December 1 at the Metropolitan Expo in the northern Athens suburb of Maroussi. In addition to a booth highlighting its print services, the company organized a presentation entitled "FSC: The three most important letters of the international alphabet". PressiousArvanitidis’s participation at the conference provided the company with an opportunity to speak about the use of FSC-certified publications and packaging which are the only print materials that tangibly support sustainable development and are a basic practice and choice of many companies operating globally.
PressiousArvanitidis has the distinction of being the only fully Greek company of winning the prestigious Marketing Excellence Awards 2013 in six categories. These include the Green Marketing Excellence Award for the company’s marketing and production of FSC-certified publications. Print materials produced according to Forest Stewardship Council certification standards is an area in which PressiousArvanitidis has shown its active support of the principles of sustainable development.
On October 7, 2013, the corporate headquarters of PressiousArvanitidis was relocated to new premises in metropolitan Athens. The move to the new offices at Leoforos Kifissias 294 in Halandri includes commercial division—that is the Sales, Customer Services, and Marketing departments. The move to a new area code requires a change in telephone numbers for the main switchboard but also allows for staff to have direct lines, whose numbers are listed on the company website under “Staff”.
Marketing Week, the highest-circulation advertising and marketing trade magazine is Greece, introduced a monthly column last July on print issues. The column, titled “PressiousTyping” is guest-written by PressiousArvanitidis staff who share their expertise in graphic arts and printing with the magazine’s readers.
Like every year, likewise this year, PressiousArvanitidis' Production sector shall be operational throughout summer ready to "Print your mind" and be of service to you the whole month of August. During the week of the 15th August holiday the staff-members of our Sales and Customer service sectors shall be on leave. So that your business produced from 12th - 16th of August is better dealt with, we propose that you have fulfilled your commitments by Friday, 9th of August.
Thanks to its Pressious Combo, Pack & Delivery service, PressiousArvanitidis can coordinate collating, packaging, and distribution of your print materials to multiple delivery points specified by you. Directly, quickly, economically, and safely. For more information about this service, contact your PressiousArvanitidis customer service representative.
PressiousArvanitidis presented FrieslandCampina (Nounou, Friso, Milner, Fina brands) with its “Project of the Year” award for its FSC-certified “Sales Organizer”. The award was presented at a special ceremony on April 9. The FrieslandCampina “Sales Organizer” had been selected “Project of the Month” for November and garnered the most points from the twelve projects. The “Project of the Month” is selected by PressiousArvanitidis and is a print job that stands out for its complexity or novelty or other factors among the month’s other jobs. Quality of the finished product and use of FSC-certified materials, which are eco-friendly, weigh heavily in the criteria for selecting the "Project of the Month", alongside other criteria like attractiveness and originality of the printing process.
The graphic design and printing company PressiousArvanitidis recently completed an important investment in its production equipment with the acquisition of the first carbon-neutral certified four-color flat-sheet printing press in Greece. This certification verifies that production of this press did not burden the environment or the atmosphere as its manufacturer, Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG, planted a corresponding number of trees needed to offset the CO2 emissions during production in line with the Project Togo reforestation program. The company’s green initiative and its decision to acquire equipment that doesn’t burden the environment are tangible proof of PressiousArvanitidis’s corporate philosophy of implementing eco-friendly practices throughout production, including its external collaborations, and its commitment to sustainable development.
PressiousArvanitidis was awarded first prize in the "Waste Management" category of the "Public Power Corporation 2013 Environmental Award"s organized by Boussias Communications, proving that the company’s strategic decision to invest in environmental protection by adopting eco-friendly practices throughout its production process was a sound move. More than 100 companies representing the full spectrum of Greek business activity submitted applications to the competition. Further details about the awards are available online at
PressiousArvanitidis was the proud print sponsor of the exhibition “Ouranometria” by artist Dimitris Tragkas, on view at the POP UP 123 space in Athens from November 20 through December 11. The works was the first part of his trilogy “O Taksidiotis” (The Traveler), a visual journey of self-perception and the relationship between the artists and his environs. It is a unique visual approach where the painting substructure depicts the traces of a game that evolves in a real space.
Our new corporate website won the Standard of Excellence Award in the Publishing category of the international WebAward 2012 competition. Organized by the Web Marketing Association, for the sixteenth consecutive year, the competition drew the participation of more than 2,000 companies in 42 countries, yet the jury singled out our corporate website based on a number of criteria. This distinction is not accidental as seamless interactive communication--online and off-line-- with its clients is fundamental to the corporate philosophy of PressiousArvanitidis. We welcome you to our virtual "headquarters" and are at your disposal to offer every assistance that allows you to "Print Your Mind".